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Published on December 23rd, 2020 by JT Nelms.

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil… to one who is striking at the root.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

For every thousand people trying, there is one powerful person who dares to dig deep inside.

What will you choose?

Vacationers vs. Adventurers

Millions of empty nesters, execs, and entrepreneurs go on vacations every year.

The goal? To get away and relax.

A few, however, seek adventure. Their beliefs and values lead to actions that are very different. They seek “more” of something deeper... and they've learned how to find it.

Here is a real-life example. 

When you or I get on an airplane, there are generally 4 groups of people:

  • A large group of people are traveling for work. The demands of their job dictate that their skills, expertise, and presence must exist at a location away from wherever they normally live.
  • A smaller group is traveling to provide support. They must go fix something, be present for someone who is in need, or be part of a specific life event that has importance.
  • A third group is going on or coming home from a vacation. These people want time away from stress where they can unwind, as they visit their preferred vacation spot.
  • The smallest, tiniest group is seeking adventure… whether they are on their way to a new travel destination, or on their way back. They seek it in new, amazing locations... and continue to find it at home.

The first group are “Workers”.

The second group: “Supporters”.

The world needs both, and I am grateful for them. There is no question that I occasionally board a plane and fall into those categories, myself.

Many, many exist in these first 2 categories.

The people in the third group are “Vacationers”. I used to be one.

The last and rarest group… “Adventurers”. This tiny subset of people are always seeking growth, authenticity, and depth.

Interestingly, all four of these groups travelled for the same reason...

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