Congratulations... You're IN!

I can't wait to start talking about YOUR first True Purpose Adventure.  It's going to be an experience you never forget, as we explore a new culture, country, and sights that leave lasting memories.

And new perspectives.  That's the key.  That's what makes Transformation, Travel, and Tacos the best way to elevate the 5 facets of HAPPIness.

Of course, hopefully we try some new cuisine.   Maybe... even find a way to create a new taco, using a new culture's unique ingredients.   

Be sure to SAVE the email that gives you your login access, and BOOKMARK the login page.  

Also, look for the email that gives you instructions for joining the exclusive "Adventure 100" Facebook group.  Outside of our future Zoom calls, that's where all of our valuable discussion and supportive community will live.

I don't know about you... but I'm excited.

Welcome aboard, Adventurer.

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