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A New Style of Bucket List Adventure Travel... and Its Proven Link to HAPPIness.

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What they say...

JT is enthusiastic, approachable, communicative, and open to feedback. These were critical traits as he helped me prepare for and ultimately summit Kilimanjaro.

Jim Gardner - Firewalker Guide

Part of my challenge was simply going and doing this myself. Everything was outside of my comfort zone. Now, I feel more able to handle myself. I’m going to take care of me.

LeAnn Helle - Adventure Seeker

Because growth-driven adventures are infinitely better than yet another unfulfilling vacation.

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Discover why Truth, Purpose, and Adventure are quietly taught to Fortune 500 leaders, elite athletes, and spec ops... and why those who apply this perfect trifecta always accomplish more.


Most people try to start here, but fail to follow this proven 30 year formula for permanent growth and change... even on those things you've struggled with for years.


The right kind earns you an ever-increasing spiral of growth, achievement, and HAPPIness.  The wrong kind? Restless stagnation.  Choices about your style of travel matter.


Joy, mission, purpose. Where everything MUST start... because too many wander in utter uncertainty. But not you. Not after this.  Imagine daily genuine fulfillment.

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"Grab this free training and take advantage of two decades of mind-blowing travel - and my completely separate $20K investment to learn the secrets of never-ending growth."  ~ JT Nelms

A lifestyle of bucket list travel adventures... and unimaginably fulfilling achievement awaits. 

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