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Transformation:  an Adventurer's Secret Agenda

Published on December 23rd, 2020 by JT Nelms.

A Traveler’s Anyone’s Goal: Greater Happiness

Think about it.

Every person on an airplane believes their destination, what they would do there, and the outcome of their travel would make them happier.

Happiness is the driver of action.

Want to learn something fascinating? There is actually a scientifically proven recipe for happiness.

We know the 5 ingredients because studies have clearly shown us what they are. When you have some time, click here → a Google search of Seligman’s PERMA model.

PERMA is an acronym for Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishments.  

Science has proven those 5 things actually create happiness.

(I have a different acronym I'll show you that makes a lot more sense for empty nesters, execs, and entrepreneurs... and still applies the proven scientific principles)

"Vacationers" on an airplane might get 2 of those 5 during their travels.  HOPEfully.

"Adventurers"? They achieve all 5.  PURPOSEfully. Whether they are at their destination or back at home.

So the question is: how do we GET those 5 key ingredients by becoming Life Adventurers?

The framework I successfully use, over and over again → Transformation, Travel, and Tacos™.

Because it works.

Transformation, Travel, and Tacos™ is the proven blueprint I use to prepare people for and guide people on incredible life adventures that last. Bucket list travel excursions that you never forget. Sights and stories that fill your mind and heart with wonder, as you fascinate the people listening to your stories from your explorations and excursions.

Along the way... you define, refine, and redefine HAPPIness. For YOU.

This post explains how. Let’s start with...

The Truth about “Transformation”

Unfortunately, transformation is where most people think they should start. The concept is so ingrained in us that hundreds of thousands of self-help books exist, just on Amazon.

Science, however, proves that’s not true. I’ll come back to that, because first we have to look at the truth about something that has made us… incorrect.  Wrong.

Marketing and sales copy have dumbed down the true meaning of transformation, which is unfortunate because the true definition is priceless.

Here is the 3 part Merriam-Webster definition of “Transform”: 

  • to change in composition or structure
  • to change the outward form or appearance of
  • to change in character or condition

The best synonym? Convert.

JT plane Lukla

For four years now, I've been part of a transformation and change mastermind, led by a story- and narrative-driven psychologist who has been truly transforming people for over 40 years.

She agrees: people don’t understand the depth of the word.

Look at that definition again. Transformation is about converting from an “old” character, form, appearance, and structure… to a NEW one. To transform is to convert. To become something NEW.

Can we put something difficult on the table?

Converting from something old to something new is not “easy” or “fast”, despite what the marketing and sales copy tells you.

Of course, you know what happens when we try something difficult, that we’ve been convinced is easy: we understandably end up “failing” in our minds.

And not just once. Multiple times, as we jump to the next thing. And the next thing. And the next, looking for a solution...

Or, in the case of a Vacationer:  thinking the vacation, over and over again, often to the same location, will somehow lead to deeper, lasting life happiness.

The problem with the Vacationer’s philosophy is that they are hoping that “time away” and “relaxation” will somehow change things and make them happier for longer than the time that they are on vacation.

That’s rarely the case. Yes, there is a valuable, brief renewal of energy. Very quickly, though, we forget our experience. The brief recharge fades...

Cumulatively, our internal belief system takes a hit. It’s nearly impossible for these repeated failures to not affect us.

UNLESS our "reason why" changes, and we…

Become an Adventurer.

An Adventurer refuses to give up and embraces the truth:  Transformation is about becoming something or someone NEW, which is not a “fast”, “quick”, “easy”, or even “simple” process.

It IS, however, worth it… because creating a new, adventurous life means you have literally transformed everything.

So, here is Step One: start embracing the true definition of “transformation”. Be more critical of “fast” and “easy”.

Because converting to someone new will take work and effort and energy and time.

But, holy moly… TRUE Transformation is worth it. It is what True Adventurers seek.

Now, then, you might be wondering… if science says we’re not supposed to start with Transformation, what do we start with?

The answer understandably surprises most...

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