[Part 2 of 3: the true meaning of Transformation, Travel, and Tacos™]

Tacos:  the Goal of Adventurers

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Science Proves THIS Comes Before Transformation...

Before I explain what comes before Transformation, I want to answer a question you might (understandably) have, which is “Why discuss this at all… I just want to prep for adventure!”

The answer is this → because most people misunderstand the process of change… and without all 3 ingredients, most run the risk of never GOING on a true adventure. Ever.

Not knowing what it takes to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for a pivot-creating life adventure could end up being the reason why you never did.

True life adventures start with the truth, which I explained on the last page: Transformation takes more work than we’re taught, and you don’t START with it.


You Start with "Tacos".

(And, seriously… how bad can THAT be?!)

“Transformation, Travel, and Tacos”...

Here’s the secret: the word “Tacos” is a metaphor for → Joy.

JT Breakfast Tacos T-shirt

Personal note here: I LOVE tacos. Like, all of them. Any kind. Crunchy or soft. Name a protein, and I’m down to season it and put it on a tortilla, mix it in with some veggies, a bit of cheese, some ridiculously hot salsa, and…


JOY is what you start with.

For me, one of my joys is Tacos

Another is trekking in the mountains

Another is unique adventures with my wife

Another is supporting, guiding, and transforming people like you through incredible, pivot-creating travel adventures, especially in unique, developing countries with new cultures, new sights, new experiences, and new perspectives, knowing that neither one of us will ever be the same.

(So that you understand: I have a huge smile as I write this, and my heart is beating faster right now. It’s genuine JOY.)

“Tacos” - a.k.a, JOY - start the change process.

CRITICAL → You must confidently know YOUR version of “Tacos”. YOUR version of joy.

Why? Because... ALL Transformation is about acquiring more Tacos. More Joy.

Read that again.

Without knowing your foundation sources of energy-creating, soul-filling Joy, the intent of your Transformation efforts are too general and too shallow to fuel and drive the work it takes to convert to something new. To truly and finally Transform.

(Read THAT again.)

Knowing your sources of true joy is half the battle. Then - only once you know your sources of true, deep, unadulterated joy - comes the work and time required to transform.

When you KNOW your "Tacos", you can move Forward

And yet... there’s still one more massive piece of recreating and redefining happiness that is missing.

Because when you want to dramatically accelerate BOTH “Transformation” and “Tacos”, and completely elevate your perspective about life to never-before-considered levels…

...you Travel. The subject of the next page.

Transformation, Travel, and Tacos. There’s a reason for all three. They all matter (if they’re done the right way).

The right kind of Travel changes everything
related to the end goal of ultimate happiness. In fact, without adventure travel, it’s impossible to find anything even remotely as effective.

Because True Purpose Adventure Travel does something internally that literally nothing else can. It propels and lifts you into the category of One.

Remember?  "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil... to ONE who is striking at the root."

Discover the final twist to Travel (and a better acronym for happiness)...

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