Live, Look, and Feel "NEXT Level" as You Create an Exciting NEW Life Chapter of Inspiring, Breakthrough ADVENTUREs!

JT's exclusive “M9” blueprint takes you from Sedentary to Summit… and everything in between.

TforA - M9 Method Next Level

Is it YOUR Turn to Unlock Your Next Level and Experience a Life-Altering Breakthrough Adventure?  

Which "Next Life Chapter" Scenario Describes YOU?


➡️ Mentally and emotionally, you have dreams and desires about fascinating things you’ve wanted to do and places you’ve ALWAYS wanted to see… that have persistently taunted you, perhaps for decades. It's TIME to do something about it.

Now, you’ve brought those dreams back to life, and you’ve even started the planning process to bring those desires to fruition.

➡️ Or maybe, like I was, you’ve been trying to “lose weight” or “look better” or “feel better” - all of which are 100% FINE - but your Reason Why just wasn’t deep enough.

Now, you’ve discovered that the concept of transforming for a life-changing ADVENTURE actually makes sense, because it has so much POWER.

➡️ It’s possible you know you have a TON of unrealized potential. Or more and more, you notice doing “life” isn’t as easy as it was. And NEITHER are acceptable.

Now, you’ve started the journey that can unleash what still passionately lives inside.

➡️ Perhaps, like I did, you’ve simply let your activity levels or goals drift away for a few years (or decade…) because you were busy with business or family.  Day after day, month after month, and year after year, you kept putting YOU in second and third place.

Now, you’re noticing the negative outcomes AND you finally have some time to take ACTION and put YOU first.

➡️ Perhaps you’re to the point where you’re objectively facing Tragedy… which you’ve learned by now is unfortunately the most common - and scariest - way to get a wake up call to take action.

Now, you’re determined to do whatever it takes to prevent that Tragedy, before it’s potentially too late.

JT plane Lukla

There's NO Question:  You're. Finally. READY. It's YOUR Turn for an Inspiring, BIG Adventure!

Welcome to the "M9" Method to Transform for Adventure!

TforA - M9 Method Next Level

The Transform for Adventure M9 Coaching Experience is an exciting, proven program carefully designed to help you transform for a NEW life chapter of healthy, inspiring, fascinating adventure. 

🔥YOUR transformation. YOUR adventure. No matter how YOU choose to define it.

Week after week, you’ll achieve the next level of performance that you knew you still had in you… 

… so that you can schedule, plan for, and then GO on that adventure that’s always captivated you. 

You’ll get crystal clear on the exact actions you need to take to go from Afraid (of regret, of unrealized potential, and of becoming "average" or “ordinary”) to Adventurous, without ridiculous “influencer” workouts, stupid supplement scams, radically restrictive diets, or wasting time on the latest fads. 

I'm HERE for You on this Journey... You are NOT Alone.

Each week (for OVER a year!) you'll receive guidance on the 9 proven steps to Transform for Adventure.

M1 Meaningful Mission

How to Create an "M9" Mission

  1. 1
    Complete your first "12 in 7" Adventure Challenge
  2. 2
    Choose an exciting, fascinating, motivating adventure
  3. 3
    Join your fellow adventurous achievers to discover Step 3!

In stage 1, “Meaningful Mission”, you’ll finally transform from frustrated, lost, and confused to focused, motivated, consistent, and energetic.

We’ll take advantage of proven brain science and physiology to finally start making progress, so you can embrace hope and excitement again… and you’ll keep it GOING.

M2 Proven Method

Personalize Your "M9" Method

  1. 1
    Research & prepare for designed daily personalized rituals
  2. 2
    ''Plan B'' and "Oops!" your unique, identified obstacles
  3. 3
    Learn more about Proven Methods in the "M9" program!

In stage 2, “Proven Method”, you’ll go from destructive, out-of-control “habits” to purposefully designed, effective rituals and methods that guarantee progress and performance. 

You’ll personalize and create a lifetime Method that works for (and grows with!) YOU, instead of being forced to fit into someone else’s cookie cutter mold.

M3 Massively Multiply

Multiply Your "M9" Success

  1. 1
    Leverage the incredible power of "Experiencing the End"...
  2. 2
    Use these 3 techniques to leverage the M9 Support Group
  3. 3
    Find out step 3 in the unmatched "M9" experience!

In stage 3, “Massively Multiply”, you’ll banish overwhelm and isolation and be refreshed by JT’s expert guidance and the support of your fellow Adventure Allies.

You’ll get accountability and wisdom from like-minded Adventurers who are on the path to banishing regret and reclaiming their potential, for a new life of adventure.

Week after week, you'll get to ask questions about the areas where YOU need answers.

M4 Focused Mindset

Develop a Strong “M9” Mindset

  1. 1
    Focus on mission-driven measures that ensure success
  2. 2
    Emotionally resolve to achieve your mission of elevating YOU
  3. 3
    Join "M9" and stop self-sabotage with step 3!

In stage 4, “Focused Mindset”, you’ll go (stated kindly, but honestly as your guide) from shallow, out-of-your-control, ineffective “reasons why” to a deeply effective, driven, fascinating purpose that matters.

You’ll find out exactly how and on what to focus (as you throw out the worthless waste of nagging worry)... so you intelligently wield emotion like a motivation superpower.

M5 Empowering Meals

How to Master your Meals

  1. 1
    Create empowering meals based on fundamentals
  2. 2
    Plan and prepare, analyze and adjust for nourished adventures
  3. 3
    Finally gain control of your nutrition with Step 3. Join us!

In stage 5, “Empowering Meals”, you’ll switch from unhealthy, reactive, unsuccessful eating habits to proven, planned, principle-based Meals that YOU control (and enjoy!), based on YOUR lifestyle, preferences, and schedule.

You’ll get tools and principles based on science, so that you are never confused again by food fads and supplement scams.

M6 Melting Meters

Conquer “Adventure” Meters!

  1. 1
    Choose, complete, and celebrate your first Adventure Challenge 
  2. 2
    Schedule, learn, analyze, and adjust for YOUR Big Adventure
  3. 3
    Step 3 changes everything... and prepares you for adventure!

In stage 6, “Melting Meters”, you’ll transform from sedentary, potentially out-of-shape, and injury-prone to purposefully, effectively, and actively engaging for adventure.

You’ll LOVE the exciting virtual adventure challenges waiting for you all year long, as you simulate mind-blowing hikes and treks from around the globe that accumulate to an inspiring outcome!

YOUR transformation matters. Get answers that address YOUR unique situation and needs... for OVER a year!

M7 Metabolic Movements

Rev Up Your Metabolism

  1. 1
    Start smart. Start safe. Control YOU, so you can control MORE.

  2. 2
    Intelligently progress from the basics to full-blown adventure
  3. 3
    Step 3 will literally change how you live the rest of your life...

In stage 7, “Metabolic Movements”, you’ll flip from relatively weak and metabolically sluggish to an “easier”, active, “burning”, stronger life.

You’ll discover the movements and progress principles that actually matter for creating a life of adventure, so you can save time and energy ignoring the silly stuff you see in the gym (and on social media).


Embrace Mind-Calming Mobility

  1. 1
    Take advantage of JT's full-body flexibility foundation routine
  2. 2
    Gradually graduate to greater range of motion... and ability
  3. 3
    Use Step 3 to make your flexibility elevate adventure!

In stage 8, “Freeing Mobility”, you’ll enjoy changing from tight, restricted, and immobile to fluid, free, and fully capable of all types of adventure.

In 12 minutes, you’ll gain the flexibility that allows you to enjoy just about any kind of adventure you can imagine, with fewer worries about the potential inability to DO something amazing, feel awkward, or sustain injury.

M9 M9 Mastery

Unlock Lifelong “M9” MASTERY

  1. 1
    Progress from walking to hiking to even running your Meters
  2. 2
    Choose, start, STAY on a Lifetime Adventure Movement Program
  3. 3
    Step 3 shows you how to use "M9" to influence ALL of your life!

In stage 9, “M9 Mastery”, you’ll discover the keys to continuous achievement and progress, so you can go from being an “average” adult to becoming a LIFETIME Adventurer.

You’ll dive deeply into advanced principles in EACH of the “M9” stages to create a new chapter of life adventure, and you’ll unlock the Lifetime Adventure Movement Program (for the home AND gym)!

Here's what THEY say...

JT is enthusiastic, approachable, communicative, and open to feedback. These were critical traits as he helped me prepare for and ultimately summit Kilimanjaro.

Jim Gardner - Firewalker Guide

Part of my challenge was simply going and doing this myself. Everything was outside of my comfort zone. Now, I feel more able to handle myself. I'm going to take care of me.

LeAnn Helle - Transformed Adventure Seeker

The "M9" Method to Transform for Adventure and OVER One Year of Support... Here's What You Get.

The Proven "M9" Program...

Nearly Three Decades of Coaching Experience

"M9" is the culmination of  teaching thousands of students, coaching hundreds of training clients, and my own personal transformation story.

Compare to...

JT's 1:1 Consulting: $197/hour

Lifelong Program Based on Science, not Fads

In "M9 Mastery", you access a 4 month program designed to create an exciting life of adventure and help you master all 9 of the mind- and body-enhancing modules.

Compare to...

Lifetime Training Plan: $2000

WAY Beyond the Typical "Eat Less, Work More"

The power of the brain is profound, so we use the same transformation blueprint taught to Fortune 500, pro athletes, and elite military.

Compare to...

Their 2 day course: $5200

How to Adjust for YOU When Life isn't Perfect

The truth is that life ebbs and flows, and I teach you exactly how to adjust the "M9" Method based on YOUR circumstances, energy levels, and abilities.

Compare to...

13 Months of 1:1 (1 hr): $2561

5 stars straight
TforA - M9 Method Next Level
5 stars straight
Monday: Your Question Collection Post

On Mondays, I'll drop a new post where you can ask ANY of your "M9" Method questions. Have questions throughout the  week? Awesome! Drop it there.

Friday: LIVE Video to Answer Your Questions 

On Fridays, I'll pop into the group and answer your current questions from Mondays post, as well as address any red flags I see from Wednesday's review.

Wednesday: Your Self-Analysis Prompt & Post

What matters gets measured. Each Wednesday, I'll prompt you to look back over the prior 7 days and see where you made progress... or need help.

Your Own Personal "Big Adventure" Journal Post

You'll come up with YOUR Big Adventure and share your journey to achieve it. Your Adventure Allies and I will be right there supporting you.

13 MONTHS of Support!

Transform for Adventure Support Posts

What's the price tag on a better life of fulfilling adventures?

JT Alissa Peru ruins

JT & Alissa Nelms

(Standing in the ancient Incan ruins above Ollantaytambo, on the way to Machu Picchu)

Your life will completely change once you switch your focus to creating a new life chapter of mind-blowing, breakthrough adventures. I simply can't put a price on reaching a new "next level" that makes you feel unstoppable.

After 30 years of study, coaching, and results, I currently charge $197/hour for 1:1 consulting. Over the course of a year, this would be about $10,000.

Or perhaps we ignored everything else and I ONLY taught you the Lifetime Adventure Movement Program.  At roughly 10 hours to teach, that's ~$2000.

Want to learn the psychological "change" principles at Johnson & Johnson's Human Performance Institute 2-day course? They charge $5200 (plus travel).

An hourly consult with me for 13 months ONLY to adjust your program? $2561...

For some, $2K - $10K is a lot... I get it.

And that's why I offer the COMPLETE "M9" Method to Transform for Adventure with 13 months of Facebook group support, so you can get EVERYTHING for less than 10% of what it would cost for me to teach and train you privately, in person.

For an EXTREMELY Limited Time, Let's Make This Deal Even Better!

  • As of THIS writing, I have just 4 more modules to create (and Module 9: "Mastery" is going to be SUBSTANTIAL). So even though you would join the "M9" private Facebook support group right away AND have immediate access to the first 3 modules, what if your 13 months of support didn't even START until I was DONE with Module 8?!
  • "Transform for Adventure" is about preparing BODY for Adventure... what if I GAVE you my next $1000 program - the Brain, Behavior, and Belongings portion of "Transform for TRAVEL" - for FREE?!
  • IF you decided to join me on a future international True Purpose Adventure (Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, the Himalayas, etc.), what if I ALSO gave you a $1000 discount to travel WITH me?!

JOIN me as a Founding Adventurer, and ALL of this - over $2000 in actual PAID value - is YOURS!

Here are THREE Ways to Get Started Today on YOUR Adventure!


6-pay... start today!



/mo for 6 months

  • Full "M9" Method to Transform for Adventure program
  • Private Facebook Group for "M9" Adventurers only
  • Weekly* "Q&A" post to ask your questions
  • Weekly* "Analysis" post to check for red flags and celebrate wins
  • Weekly* "FB Live" to answer your questions!
  • A FULL year of support with 4 bonus weeks... 13 months total!

Choose the "[6-pay]" at checkout.

3-pay... SAVE $51 now!



/mo for 3 months

  • Full "M9" Method to Transform for Adventure program
  • Private Facebook Group for "M9" Adventurers only
  • Weekly* "Q&A" post to ask your questions
  • Weekly* "Analysis" post to check for red flags and celebrate wins
  • Weekly* "FB Live" to answer your questions!
  • A FULL year of support with 4 bonus weeks... 13 months total!

Choose the "[3-pay]" option at checkout.

single pay: Save $185!



single pay now

  • Complete "M9" Method to Transform for Adventure
  • Private Facebook Group for "M9" Adventurers only
  • Weekly* "Q&A" post to ask your questions
  • Weekly* "Analysis" post to check for red flags and celebrate wins
  • Weekly* "FB Live" to answer your questions!
  • A FULL year of support with 4 bonus weeks... 13 months total!

Choose the "[1-pay]" option at checkout.

* If I'm with clients on a True Purpose Adventure, it's VERY UNLIKELY I will be able to do a FB Live or GROUP Zoom, so I typically make up for it before & after our journey!


Fully Backed by My Personal 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for ANY reason, you don't like this life-changing coaching experience and transformation program designed to help you prepare for and create a life of exciting, fascinating adventures, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase.

If you have any issues, just get in touch with my friendly support team by replying to ANY of my emails, and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a super swift refund.

I Create Next Level Adventurers.

Hi, I'm JT! I help execs, empty-nesters, and entrepreneurs transform into active, inspiring, "Next Level" Adventurers.

Hey there... I'm JT Nelms.

I 💖 Adventure, Transformation, Travel, and Tacos.

I’m tired of seeing THOUSANDS of empty nesters, entrepreneurs and driven achievers (and the ones who support them!) - who simply want to impact the world and create an incredible life for the ones they love - suffer from the same things I did for well over a decade.

I’m more like you than you realize. Despite teaching thousands of people and working with hundreds of clients, I’ve spent over a decade at a weight that made me VERY frustrated. 

JT Breakfast Tacos T-shirt

I’ve been stuck in the trap of always putting myself second (or third, or fourth). I’ve experienced the never-ending delusion/illusion that “as soon as THIS is finished”, I’ll make the changes.

And the 2 WORST parts… being less than I could be for the ones I love, and wondering if I was going to regret the outcome of my life.

Thankfully, after a LOT of time doing the hard work of exploration and discovery (and investing well over $25,000 in deeply personal, science-based coaching), now I live an incredible life of exciting adventures, year after year.

So while I'm known for taking growth-driven achievers to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking a unique route to see Mt. Everest, and creating ridiculously cool trips to see Machu Picchu...

...I'm just as passionate about how YOU "Transform for Adventure".

Because it's about YOUR Transformation. YOUR Adventure. However YOU define it.


And that is why I designed the Transform for Adventure “M9” Coaching Program… so you can get step-by-step guidance to prepare for the adventurous life YOU are after.

One that creates joy for the ones you love the most AND creates meaningful, inspiring impact. It’s about adventures YOU create and enjoy, so they touch your soul…

Simply stated, this completely unique transformation program is great for people who have NOT given up on their dreams and ambitions… and - when they slow down for just a second - know they are still secretly fascinated with what they might yet do, see, and be.

I’m guiding entrepreneurs, empty nesters, execs, and achievers to become lifelong Adventurers.

Now, I would love to guide YOU…

TforA - M9 Method Next Level

Because growth-driven adventures are infinitely better than yet another unfulfilling vacation... or continuing on the same wearying, stagnant life path.

Got Questions? Here are some Answers.

Is there really 13 months of support? Why?

Yes, it’s really 13 months, for multiple reasons.

The first - and biggest - reason is because “M9” is about using PRINCIPLES that give you the keys to preparing for and then enjoying a LIFETIME of adventure. As you’ve probably already discovered (more than once, most likely) a short-term 21- or 30-day fad program simply isn’t going to work. Ever.

I don’t know about you, but I’m done with the short-term mindset in ANY area of my life (and beyond annoyed at marketers trying to convince me that nonsense works).

The second of many reasons is because you’re going to go after (and achieve!) my Million Meter Challenge: an “M9” mission to walk, hike, run, or row 1 million meters in 1 year.

 It’s an adventure in itself, and at less than 2 miles per day, it’s 100% realistic… yet requires a fundamental shift in your mindset from “short term” to “lifetime”.  From “outcome” to “process”.

I’m excited to support you through your ENTIRE 13 month adventure.

How fit do I have to be?

Candidly: you don’t have to be fit at all. OR, you can already be pretty dang fit.

That’s part of the unique genius behind the Transform for Adventure “M9” Coaching Program. And it’s literally what makes it a LIFETIME program, because as you make progress, “M9” progresses WITH you. Again and again.

This is about creating a new life chapter of life-altering adventure by starting the transformation at YOUR current health and fitness level. There’s a starter bodyweight program for the “Movements”. And a home workout program. And a gym program.

For the “Meters”, there are MANY reasons your options are walk, hike, run, or row. I will show you exactly which one to choose and how to make progress.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ll teach you NOT to attempt perfection. NOT to try and do everything all at once.

And you’ll learn exactly what to do when life’s challenges pop up that require you to back down a bit.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

For sure!

There is a 14-day no-questions, 100% money-back guarantee. That means you’ve got 2 weeks to dive in, learn why the Transform for Adventure “M9” Coaching Program is unlike anything else you’ve seen, and start working your way through the “M9” Adventure stages as you begin to achieve a life of adventure.

My goal is for you to know within your first WEEK that you are already MORE than happy with your investment, the content, and the amount of support you’ve received.

But if you decide it's not for you, just hit me with an email and ask for a refund within 14 days. No worries.

Can I access the content after my year is over?

Yes... and no. I'll explain, of course.

Yes, you can access the content to your version of the program, basically for as long as the technology works.

If I decide to completely change up how I deliver the program (pick a different software or service), I'll make sure you can download your version and give you PLENTY of notice.

What you won't be able to access is the Facebook group after your year is over.

I'm sure I'll have some sort of upgrade or "hey, would you like to stick around?" offer for you at the end of your 13 months.

Is there a guarantee I'll get results?

I can't guarantee your physical, emotional, or mental results. No one can.

There are dozens of reasons - from psychological to sociological to physiological to emotional to environmental to "holy-crap-what-the-heck-just-happened-to-my-life" - why I can't guarantee your results.

I can tell you that even when I FAILED to achieve my million meters in multiple years, just *attempting* them - and working on Movements and Mobility - are what allowed me to summit Mount Kilimanjaro... over 10,000 feet higher than where I failed on the side of a mountain overlooking Machu Picchu in Peru.

So for ME, even *failing* to complete the program (but actively working towards it) completely changed my life.

Since then, I've gone on to complete the challenge, as well as do 1 million meters in 100 days! I lost 35 pounds over the course of that process, but...

No, I can't guarantee any results.

What if I need more support?

1️⃣ IF it's open and there are spots available, you can join my "Adventure 100" program, which has about 2 hours per week of small group Zoom Coaching, so you can get YOUR questions answered, and we can elaborate and go deeper. 

If you'd like that, be sure to watch the video (again, IF it's open and available) during the Checkout process. Or reply to one of my emails and ask me about "Adventure 100".

2️⃣ I go a LOT deeper in who you want to BECOME in my Transformation, Travel, and Tacos coaching experience. Reach out to me via DM or email if you'd like to learn more about this higher-priced investment that tripled my income, got me back on track with my health, and improved my relationship with my incredible wife.

3️⃣ You can also reach out and inquire about a different 1:1 Support Package. Warning: this is rare, expensive, and not guaranteed.

Instead of "Selling" You on the "M9" Method to Transform for Adventure, I'll Just Share Who This Incredible Program is For... and Who It is NOT For.

This is 100% NOT RIGHT FOR YOU if...

  • You still believe in all the marketing lies and are still looking for a magic, quick-fix solution.
  • You tend to stop what you're doing when you hit a road bump and move on to the next shiny thing.
  • You are unable or unwilling to make changes to the habits that - when you're honest with yourself - you know are holding you back.
  • You blame everything and everyone else when things aren't perfect or life hands you a detour.
  • You think investing $2.52 per day in a proven, unparalleled system... carefully and genuinely guided to create a healthy, exciting adventurous life filled with joy... and delivers a LIFETIME program is "expensive" or "not worth it". 

This is PERFECT FOR YOU if...

  • It's finally YOUR turn to do something special (and powerful) for YOU.
  • You're ready to create a NEW, inspiring chapter of life that finally includes the adventures that have always fascinated YOU.
  • You've already scheduled (or you're about to!) a mind-blowing adventure for which you KNOW you need to prepare, in order to make it.
  • You recognize that I (JT) poured nearly three decades of experience into creating the "M9" performance system to fulfill one of your deepest desires: to truly LIVE life, experience adventure, and make an impact.
  • You're driven by growth and ready to play the long game with support from fellow achievers.

Join me and Transform for Adventure TODAY!

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