Curious about JT’s Adventure 100, deep personal growth, and bucket list travel?


Thank you for your interest in becoming 1 of only 100 people allowed into JT's Adventure 100.  

JT's Adventure 100 is an exclusive travel community of growth-driven travelers who understand that repeating the same vacation - over and over again - has absolutely ZERO impact on transformative growth or personal development.

Allow me to be clear:  the people in JT's Adventure 100 will be traveling WITH me... TOGETHER.

Our trips are called True Purpose Adventures.

True Purpose Adventures are specifically designed to elevate and potentially even upgrade the various perspectives you and I have about life... all through unique, bucket list adventure travel.

True Purpose Adventures will go to places like Machu Picchu in Peru… but not the way most people go.  We will go see Mt. Everest… but not take the normal route.  We will go to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam… but not do what normal tourists do.

And if you qualify, you and I can stand together at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  

(As we grow each year, we’ll add at least 1 new excursion, and find new ways to not do “normal”.)

Kilimanjaro and Tent

Why?  Because growth-focused Adventurers seek contrast.

Because we know that exposure to and learning from contrast has the greatest possible chance to increase HAPPIness.

Of course, by now, you likely know that HAPPIness is my acronym that stands for Health - Admiration - Purpose - Profit - Impact… and don’t forget the “ness” of HAPPIness → the state of actually being and doing those things.

Every True Purpose Adventure is intentionally curated to improve every single one of those life facets. 

Here’s what you get as an Adventurer in JT’s Adventure 100.

Product "Lifetime" Access (however long the technology works) to...

JT’s Adventurous Million

...an “at your own pace” workout program, created specifically so that your Body is physically prepared and able to enjoy a lifetime of bucket list travel adventures. 

Designed to be completed within 1 year and utilizing only bodyweight, bands, and dumbbells (so that you can workout anywhere), it places active longevity and a mindset of consistency as the top priorities.

This will eventually sell for $497 and include an entire year of support in a private Facebook group.


Get Fit for Travel

...an extension that also prepares the Brain, Behavior, and Belongings for growth-focused travel to developing countries. 

This is foundational work if growth and elevated perspectives are an important “reason why” in your life.

Get Fit for Travel will eventually sell for $997 and includes JT’s Adventurous Million, 1 year of support in a separate private Facebook Group, as well as summaries of my Body, Brain, Behavior, and Belongings research for each of the countries visited by True Purpose Adventures.

Ollantaytambo breakfast

But YOU get even more as a (very) exclusive member of JT’s Adventure 100. 

"Adventure 100" Facebook Group

Access to the exclusive JT’s Adventure 100 Facebook group (where I spend the majority of my “Facebook time”). 

There, I’ll answer your specific questions about preparing Body, Brain, Behavior, and Belongings for the next bucket list adventure you are considering with True Purpose Adventures.

Zoom Trainings and Q&A

At least monthly Zoom calls, where I’ll share my latest research on each of the planned True Purpose Adventure destinations, as well as answer your personal preparation questions live.  

Sometimes, I’ll know the answer on the spot. Sometimes, I’ll research the answer and get back to you.

Summarized Debriefs

As members of JT's Adventure 100 enjoy and experience True Purpose Adventures, I'll write summarized debriefs for each of the journeys I guide, so that you can thoughtfully consider the lessons others have learned along the way.

Learning from the experience of others is a shortcut to wisdom.

And...the big one.  Your investment goes straight towards your next True Purpose Adventure. 

It's Simple.  Here's How it Works.

Every month, you invest $300 towards a trip.  It doesn't matter which one.  Or how many.

Everything you’ve invested goes dollar-for-dollar, straight to the price of whichever True Purpose Adventure YOU choose. 

If you’ve invested more than the price of a trip and decide to join, then you only need to book your plane tickets and join us!  

(Of course, be sure to check the details for each trip to see what's included and not included.)

Or, let’s say that it’s early on in your time with JT’s Adventure 100, and you have invested $2100 towards a $2997 True Purpose Adventure (just as an example). 

In that scenario, you simply pay the difference of $897, grab your plane tickets, and enjoy a journey designed to create a lifetime of memories, lessons, and perspectives that influence every single area of HAPPIness.

Along the way, there will be even more to surprise you… but I can’t reveal EVERYTHING, because surprise is part of the JT’s Adventure 100 experience!

Here are my predictions for you.  Consider this...

You are surrounding yourself with growth-focused, adventurous people who want to make the world a better place.

Because of that...

  • Lifetime friendships will be formed.
  • People will go on multiple True Purpose Adventures and start requesting to be… Together.
  • NEW True Purpose Adventure destinations will be recommended, researched, and then travelled.  Together.
  • Adventurers will encourage and support each other towards better Health, so they can do more.  Together.
  • Adventurers will deepen relationships and earn greater Admiration from spouses, family, friends, and business.
  • Lessons from preparation, travel, conversation, and debriefs will lead to a deeper, more refined sense of Purpose.
  • Business deals will be created, and changes in life perspective will create business structures and personal lifestyles that increase Profit.
  • Ultimately, the world will feel the Impact of your Transformation, your Travel, and your joyful version of “Tacos”.

I’m excited for you.  For US.

Because - over time - together, we are going to learn each other's hopes, dreams, and aspirations… and then we get to experience the joy of thinking about how to help each other achieve those things.

ALL of these benefits for just $300/month... ALL of which goes towards your journey on a True Purpose Adventure!

Your guarantee and a few specific details...

Here are a few quick additional reminders and specific “terms” of JT’s Adventure 100.


You have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you change your mind, just let me know within 30 days, and I’ll issue a full refund. No worries. No hard feelings.

Think about it: I’m creating a community of incredible, growth-focused people who I’ll be guiding and leading on bucket list adventures in developing countries. I want you to WANT to be there!


Purely for logistical reasons in a developing country, and so that the experience has its intended transformative effect (elevated HAPPIness), I must limit the number of people I take on each True Purpose Adventure.

Typically, I will max out my trips at 15-16 people.

When a trip is announced, commit EARLY. If demand increases, and when I can, I’ll do my best to schedule a repeat trip to that destination.


Each trip will have its own set of important details to consider. Of course, I’m always there to explain and answer questions once a trip is announced, but be sure you understand everything that is included or excluded.

For example, you always purchase your own transportation to and from the city and country in which we start an adventure. Check the details of each trip.


Finally, the tough one: I am fiercely protective of the adventurers in JT’s Adventure 100. Safety, growth, and exposure to contrast that may elevate perspectives are paramount to our journey, whether we are on a trip together, in a Facebook group, on a Zoom call, or interacting in any way.

People are unique. Cultures are different. I value and deeply respect those differences. The contrast is life-changing. I reserve the right to remove anyone from the community who creates risk, operates unsafely, or acts disrespectfully.

This isn't for most people... but it is for people who seek growth, understand the power of contrast-seeking adventure travel, and respect the value of community. 

And it's for people who understand the no-brainer value of having 100% of your monthly investment go straight towards a True Purpose Adventure.

If you're on this page, I'm assuming that's you.

Here's everything you get when you sign up

JT's Adventurous Million

Full "lifetime" access to JT's Adventurous Million (under final development), so you can prepare your BODY for a lifetime of bucket list travel.

Get Fit for Travel

Full "lifetime" access (in development), so you can prepare your BRAIN, BEHAVIOR, and BELONGINGS for any or all of our True Purpose Adventures.

Zoom Gatherings

At least monthly Zoom calls, where we’ll discuss trips and preparation for life adventure, so that you can get your specific questions and concerns answered.

Expedition Research

All the research I do for each of the trips (even the ones you don’t go on), so that you can learn what factors  are important to consider for your personal adventures.

Exclusive Facebook Communities

Separate Facebook group for JT’s Adventure 100, Adventurous Million, and Get Fit for Travel (hang out in any or all of them).

Growth-focused Adventurers

Surround yourself with growth-focused, HAPPIness- driven people who want to LIVE life and make a true impact on the people of the world.

Return on Investment

ALL your investment goes towards an exclusive True Purpose Adventure designed to expose you to life lessons that 10x the financial and personal growth value.

Expedition Debriefs

After each journey, I'll write a debrief about the country, the itinerary, and the logistics.  Most importantly, I'll share the lessons learned by your fellow Adventurers.

100% money-back guarantee

If you change your mind, just let me know within 30 days, and I’ll issue a full refund.  No worries.  No hard feelings. After 30 days?  Talk to me.  I want you to LOVE this.

Join me. Become one of the exclusive Adventurers in JT’s Adventure 100.

Click the button below to apply, and I’ll see you on the other side!
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