True Purpose Adventures:  Grand Canyon!

Welcome! I'm excited to offer my FIRST adventure in the United States... a ONE day rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon on Sunday, October 8th!

One of the most challenging single day hikes in the United States, a one day traverse across the Grand Canyon will redefine and elevate what you thought you were physically capable of achieving...

...and serve to inspire others to greater heights.

Of course, in the process of preparing for the trek, you'll find sustained excitement, newfound energy, and a renewed passion for growth and development...

...that just so happen to help you live, look, and feel younger as you pursue this incredible adventure!

Join JT for Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

While this journey will be undeniably rewarding, it's no joke.

Here are the eye-opening, sometimes jaw-dropping details. You MUST Prepare.

Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Stats (South to North)

Distance: ~21 miles (32.67 km)

Miles from South Rim to lowest point: 6.2 miles (9.98 km)

Total descent (elevation loss): ~4760 feet (1451 meters)

Miles from lowest point to North Rim: 14.1 miles (22.69 km)

Total ascent (elevation gain): ~5900 feet (1798 meters)

Starting elevation: 7193 feet (2192 meters)

Ending elevation: 8300 feet (2530 meters)

Time to complete: assume 12 hours, minimum

Avg. October temperature range: 87℉ (Grand Canyon floor, day) to 31℉ (North Rim, night)

It's LONG. Almost a MILE of vertical descent. OVER a mile of elevation gain. Oh... and you'll carry a light daypack.


Here's the Truth...

Walking a marathon would be easier.

The descent and ascent - while carrying a pack - changes everything.

But, as Adventurers and Explorers, that's why we do it. 

To discover MORE of who we are.

To reveal, refine, and even redefine who YOU are.

It's an opportunity to create a process that creates consistency, based on an inspiring, motivating Mission...

... that leads to more energy, improved  health, and an AMAZING achievement!


It will be a tough, exhilarating day that creates awe, pride, and joy... with memories that last the rest of your life.

Here's Your Full Rim-to-Rim True Purpose Adventure Itinerary

October 6th ➡️ Day 0: "Arrival Day"

Your Mission: get to Phoenix!

If you're flying to Phoenix Sky Harbor, either JT or a representative will pick you up at the airport and whisk you to our "get everyone in the same place" hotel (transportation to the hotel and the hotel included with your journey). 

Since your fellow Adventurers may arrive throughout the day, evening, and night, there are no events scheduled today.  I'll share the hotel soon, so you can research the area.

Phoenix Sky Harbor

Enjoy your flight. Research what you'd like to do. Where you'd like to eat. Be EXCITED about Day 1!


October 7th ➡️ Day 1: "Prep & Position"

Our Mission: Enjoy the beautiful drive, acclimatize, and get to the South Rim!

Together, we'll grab breakfast and then get on the road for our journey to the South Rim.

We'll stop along the route to appreciate the beauty of the Arizona desert and see the amazing sites and red rocks of Sedona.

Next, we'll head to Flagstaff and the highest point of our trip - the base of Mount Humphreys - for some acclimatization while we conduct an official briefing.

At just under 9600 feet (2926 meters), we'll take advantage of being about 1300 feet higher than our campsite at the North Rim, which will tell our bodies...

..."Hey, make more oxygen-carrying red blood cells, please!"

Finally, we'll make the final drive into Grand Canyon Village at the South Rim, check into our hotel, enjoy dinner, make final preparations, and hopefully get a GREAT night's sleep because...

... the next day is our Rim-to-Rim!

Get to know your fellow TEAM of Adventurers. Enjoy the beauty of Arizona. Know that you're READY! Because...

October 8th ➡️ Day 2: "Growth via Rim-to-Rim!"

A Life-Changing Adventure...

Our Mission: complete a jaw-dropping journey across the Grand Canyon!

We'll get up early and start right around sunrise. We'll walk and descend, taking in the canyon's mind-blowing beauty.

We'll keep walking... and walk some more.

Eventually, we'll start the ascent. We'll keep ascending. Then, we'll ascend some more.

Finally - and possibly 12 or more hours later - we'll arrive at the North Rim and marvel at our accomplishment.

You'll realize what you've achieved is... Meaningful. Unique. Inspiring.

As you lie in your tent that night, sure, you might be sore. But you know the soreness will go away, while the memories you've just created will serve to elevate life's possibilities and inspire YOU and those in your world to...

... do and be MORE.

Tent and hammock

October 9th ➡️ Day 3: "Recover and Return"

Our Mission: recover and return to Phoenix.

The next morning, we'll break down our tents and load up for the journey back to Phoenix.

We'll grab breakfast and lunch along the way and continue to marvel at the beauty of Arizona passing outside our windows.

Whether silently or out loud with the new version of you and your fellow Adventurers, we'll reflect on what we've achieved, both individually and collectively as a team.

Back in Phoenix, you'll have the following options for drop off:

  • At a hotel along our route
  • At a hotel close to the airport
  • At the car rental facility near the airport
  • IMPORTANT: if you are planning to fly back home on this day, please do NOT schedule a departure prior to 8pm! "Life" happens on adventures!

We'll say our goodbyes, and while THIS journey may have just ended, your transformation and relationships will last...


Before we talk about the investment, let's be clear...

You. Must. Take. This. Very. Seriously. 

  • A ONE-day rim-to-rim of the Grand Canyon is a SERIOUS hike. And it's NOT normal.
  • Starting with a 7 mile descent IS going to create a level of weakness and soreness that lasts the REST of the 14 mile ascent to our campground on the North Rim.
  • There are no helicopters to come get you, unless your life is literally in danger.  Once you're in, you're IN.  The only way out is to walk.
  • It could be HOT at the bottom. It could be COLD at the North Rim. You must be prepared for BOTH.
  • This is not for the 'faint of heart'. This is for the true adventurer who loves to push themselves to see what they are made of and what they can accomplish. If you are someone who is driven to achieve excellence in everything you do... this is for you.

Fact:  the 2023 Rim-to-Rim investment WILL be the lowest I ever offer for this amazing experience.

Why? Because I always give a discount on my first "exploratory" True Purpose Adventure.

I do an INSANE amount of research and preparation as I design our journey, and while I've led multiple trips to the summit of Kilimanjaro and on a VERY unique adventure in Peru to see Machu Picchu...

... the simple truth is that this will be MY first rim-to-rim, as well.

So here's what's included:

JT's "Transform for Adventure"

Full "lifetime" access to JT's Transform for Adventure (in creation), so you can prepare your BODY for a lifetime of bucket list travel.

Zoom Gatherings

At least monthly group Zoom calls, where we’ll discuss the journey and preparation, so that you can get your specific questions answered.

Rim-to-Rim Research

A summary of the research I do for this journey, so that you can learn what factors are important to consider for your preparation.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Facebook groups for JT’s Transform for Adventure (access until journey's end) and a 2023 Rim-to-Rim group.

Growth-focused Adventurers

Surround yourself with growth-focused, driven people who want to LIVE life and make a true impact.

100% money-back guarantee

If you change your mind, just let me know within 14 days, and I’ll issue a full refund.  No hard feelings. Life changes.

Long story short: I'm going to take care of you, and this WILL change your life.

Here's what is (and isn't!) included for our 2023 True Purpose Adventure.


In addition to my M9 Method to "Transform for Adventure", which - let me be very clear - I am currently filming and creating, I will also create a special training program specific to the 2023 Rim-to-Rim adventure. 

You will have access to both programs and a Facebook group for both programs, and you NEED to start training right away. I'll run group Zooms at least monthly, with more frequency as we get closer.


Airfare, food, and drink are not included (except for the dinner/supper at the end of our Rim-to-Rim). 

Transportation to the hotel on arrival day and for the next 3 days, until we return to the airport area of Phoenix, IS included.  Any transportation you need after being dropped off on day 3 at a hotel, at the airport, or at the airport car rental facility is your responsibility and not included.

Your hotel at the end of day 3 (when we return to Phoenix) is your responsibility to research and book and is not included. I've already talked with a lot of people, and most are going to spend another day or two nearby.


Unless you choose a $600 "single supplement" upgrade on the checkout page, you will share a hotel room on arrival night, share a hotel room at the South Rim the night before our trek, and share a tent after the hike (all with the same gender).

The simple reality is this: Phoenix hotels close to the airport are expensive, the South Rim is VERY expensive, there is very little tent space available in the North Rim campground, and tent rentals aren't cheap. This "single supplement" is NOT a profit generator, and I'm not even sure how many I can allow.


ANY trip delays, medical, or evacuation expenses are your responsibility.  Research and decide whether you would like to purchase travel / medical / evacuation insurance.


I'm 90% certain I'm limiting this to about 12 people. I MIGHT be able to squeeze additional tents (included) in the sites I've reserved. As of this writing, I have 5 verbal "Hell, yes! Send me the offer page." -- which means if you weren't one of those people, there are only 7 spots left.

NOTE: the "scarcity" is very real. There were less than 5 campground sites left for October 8th, and only 1 other day that could accommodate a group this size before the North Rim CLOSES for 2023!


Here's a QUICK graphic of what you'll likely want to OWN and bring with you for the rim-to-rim. This is NOT yet a "complete" list, but it gives you a broad overview for right now.

Your investment for the 2023 Grand Canyon True Purpose Adventure is only $1197.

I'll make this really simple: NO ONE, anywhere, is offering up to 6 months of group coaching support AND a rim-to-rim trip at this price.

This year's $1197 investment is so low because it is an "exploratory" True Purpose Adventure, which I always discount.

This WILL be up to $1997 in 2024! 

And if you've made it this far down the page, I'm inviting you to join me.

Join me. Experience the trip of a LIFETIME.

Click the button below, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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