JT’s Explorer 100:  for Growth-Minded Achievers Seeking... More.

Welcome, and thank you for considering joining me on an adventure to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa in the second half of February 2025.  

I’m excited to potentially guide you on a future True Purpose Adventure, specifically designed to elevate and potentially even upgrade the various perspectives you and I have about life... all through unique, bucket list adventure travel.

True Purpose Adventures will go to places like Machu Picchu in Peru… but not the way most people go.  We will go see Mt. Everest… but not take the normal route.  We will go to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam… but not do what normal tourists do.

Each year, we’ll add at least 1 new excursion, and find new ways to not do “normal”.

And if you qualify, you and I can hopefully stand together on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  

Kilimanjaro is why you're on this page... so here are some details. 

This is long.  There are no pictures. That's on purpose.  If you can't make it through a bit of reading, you won't make it to the summit... Strap in.

Mount Kilimanjaro: at 19,341 feet (5895 meters), it is not only the highest point in all of Africa (and therefore, one of the Seven Summits)... it is nearly 5000 feet higher than the highest mountains in the lower United States.

If you’ve read or watched me talk about my other True Purpose Adventures, you know that I’m quick to point out what is “usual” for other tourists to do at these international bucket list travel experiences. I point out the “usual” tourist things because their habits and decisions are typically the *opposite* of what we want to do, if we are truly seeking deep growth and life-changing, upgraded perspectives.

Here’s the thing about Kilimanjaro, though (or “Kili” as the locals call it): there is nothing usual about it. Frankly, reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is not something that “tourists” do.

Why? Well, it’s pretty simple.

Allow me to be candid: there’s no electricity once you start. When you’re on the mountain, an internet connection is incredibly rare. Toilets are literally carried by our porters, day by day… and you only have access to them in the morning and evening, while you are in camp.

There are no shelters; once we start, you’ll sleep in a tent each night.

In other words, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is reserved for true Adventurers. Combined with the radical contrast we experience before, during, and after the summit attempt, it only makes sense that Kilimanjaro is the most advanced True Purpose Adventure I offer.

Quick note: advanced does not mean technical. In other words, reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is technically just a hike. There’s no harness involved. No ropes are needed.

Instead of a harness, you’ll need the ability to walk with a light pack for hours and hours each day. On summit day, instead of ropes, you’ll need mental fortitude.

Here’s something incredibly important about the mental side of Kilimanjaro...

From the moment you decide to join me on this True Purpose Adventure, let me be clear: there is no more “if”.

There is no more “can I?”.

Instead… there is only “how”.

“How” will I reach the summit? “How” will I get in shape? “How” will I lose weight, get stronger, and increase my trekking endurance? “How” will I stay mentally strong when things get difficult, especially on summit day?

Those were exactly the questions I answered. And now that I’ve reached the summit, I know exactly how to help YOU answer “how”, over and over again, so that - barring getting physically turned around by our guides or insane weather - we stand together on the summit of the highest point in Africa… Mount Kilimanjaro.

Still here? Excellent.

Is your heart racing with a bit of excitement? I hope so. Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my entire life.

Let’s get into the juicy details...

After you arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and go through customs, you’ll be greeted by one of your Kilimanjaro summit guides and driven to our hotel in Moshi. Depending on the weather, you might catch your first glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro... and the incredible cultural contrast we will experience together on our journey in Tanzania.

After a good night’s sleep, we’ll have breakfast at the hotel and then hike to an incredible waterfall for lunch. Along the way, you’ll see the jungle that sits at the base of Kilimanjaro, as well as the unique ways the locals grow bananas, coffee, and avocados.

Riding along primitive roads, we’ll also see homes, schools, and a culture that is radically different from the modernized world.

That afternoon, we’ll do an equipment check with our guides and rent any extra equipment we’ll need. After a final meeting, we’ll try and get some sleep before meeting our guides the next morning to begin our entry into Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.

After the park officials weigh every single bag our porters carry, we will start and spend nearly all of Day 1 in the lower jungle at the base of the mountain. Likely for the first time, you’ll hear our guides gently say “pole, pole” (pronounced pO-lay pO-lay), as our excitement tends to create a trekking pace our experts know would wear us out too quickly.

Early evening, about 15 minutes after we leave the vegetation of the jungle, we enter our first camp.

Let me be clear: you are going to be amazed at the level of service we receive. Arriving into camp, the porters completely take care of you, the waiters serve you surprisingly delicious food… and you will experience joy.

And trust me when I say... you’ll sleep well that night.

After breakfast on Day 2, we will ascend. And ascend. And ascend some more.

On Day 2, we will go s - l - o - w - l - y, as we ascend 900 meters!

And you’ll be glad you did. Day 2 is a massive confidence builder… IF you embrace going slowly and choose to follow the wisdom of your guides.

That evening, our guides will take us up to an elevation higher than our camp, so that our bodies can acclimate to lower oxygen levels before descending back to our camp and going to sleep.

Then: Day 3. Wow… day 3.

It’s long. There’s incredible elevation gain. AND… just as dramatic of a descent.

Day 3 was a massive learning day for me and had a LOT of influence on the exercises I chose for JT’s Adventurous Million, so that you are prepared to join me on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

On Day 4, we are blessed with a shorter trekking day. We go up and over the Barranco Wall, down the other side through a valley, and back up again to the next camp. That evening, we do an acclimatization hike to prepare our bodies for even less oxygen the next day.

Then on Day 5, we will very gradually ascend (for a mere 3 hours) to... summit base camp.

Our goal at summit base camp? To eat and sleep as much as possible. Because that night, we’ll be waking up around midnight of Day 6.

Day 6 is Summit Day. It starts early. It’s completely dark. We’ll use headlamps to light the majority of our ascent, until the sun rises.

Sunrise on Kilimanjaro is energizing. By that time, you will have continually hiked up... and up… and up. In the dark.

But when the sunlight hits, you’ll see how genuinely close you are to the summit. When you feel the sun’s rays, you’ll know you’ve finished over 90% - and by far the hardest part - of the ascent.

And less than an hour after sunrise, you and I will reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

By the way… I’m not afraid to tell you: I cried. It was an emotional experience. The journey is difficult.

Your first sighting of the famous sign that marks the highest point in all of Africa signifies an enormous amount of your effort, time, and preparation. It signifies the (hopefully) massive support you’ve received from family and friends who are close to you. It signifies the immeasurable, collective effort from our porters and guides, who have devoted their lives to helping people like us reach the top.

As crazy as it sounds, seeing that sign for the first time - knowing it meant I had only a few more minutes to go - was more emotional than actually hitting the summit.

I want that for you. It’s my mission. It’s my passion.

Anyway, there’s so much more to say about this True Purpose Adventure. The descent from the summit is difficult... because you descend a LOT, nearly all in one day.

To be candid, it was painful. I wasn’t ready for it.

The good news is that now I train for it, and I purposefully include it in the programming for JT’s Adventurous Million.

Of course, the people who will join me on the True Purpose Adventure to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro will get even more support and training. All your questions will be answered. About everything.

If you are truly, genuinely interested in going with me to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, I invite you to click the button below and complete the digital application form.

Once I receive your application submission, I’ll let you know whether you qualify to take the next step: an exploratory Zoom call with me to talk even more about the trip, why you want to go, and whether we are a good fit for each other.

Kindly, I can tell you this: not everyone who submits the form will qualify for a Zoom interview.

And… not everyone who has a Zoom interview will be able to join me.

This isn’t a marketing trick. I’m not trying to create scarcity. (The scarcity already exists and is very real. I’m only taking 15-16 people with me.)

I’m not trying to create a snobby “velvet rope” situation, either.

What I’m doing is two-fold:

  • I’m protecting YOU, if I don’t feel you’ll be physically ready to go on the next summit attempt. An average of about 7 to 8 people DIE each year (out of about 30,000 annual attempts).   Again I’ll say: 19,341’ is no joke.
  • I’m protecting my COMMUNITY. JT’s Adventure 100 is about growth. It’s about purposefully seeking - and creating - life pivots that happen after exposure to radical contrast via international travel to developing countries... that causes us to reconsider our beliefs and perspectives.

Respectfully, if you’re not driven by growth, development, and eventual impact… I’m not your guy.

I invite you to take the next step and find out if you qualify for a Zoom call. Click the button below, complete the digital application form, and I’ll get back in touch with you.

(I know you’ll want to hear back quickly, and I’ll do my best to do just that.)

I look forward to reading and then responding to your application. Click the button below, and you’ll hear from me soon.

Here’s everything you'll get in JT’s Adventure 100.

(Remember... please don’t share this page.  Applying to JT’s Adventure 100 is by invite or approved referral only.)

Product "Lifetime" Access (however long the technology works) to...

Transform for Adventure

...an “at your own pace” workout program, created specifically so that your Body is physically prepared and able to enjoy a lifetime of bucket list travel adventures. 

Designed to be completed within 1 year and utilizing only bodyweight, bands, and dumbbells (so that you can workout anywhere), it places active longevity and a mindset of consistency as the top priorities.

This will eventually sell separately for $997 and include 12 months of support in a private Facebook group.


Transform for Travel

...an extension that also prepares the Brain, Behavior, and Belongings for growth-focused travel to developing countries. 

This is foundational work if growth and elevated perspectives are an important “reason why” in your life.

Get Fit for Travel will eventually sell for $997 and includes Transform for Adventure, 1 year of support in a separate private Facebook Group, as well as summaries of my Body, Brain, Behavior, and Belongings research for each of the countries visited by True Purpose Adventures.

Ollantaytambo breakfast

But YOU get even more as a (very) exclusive member of JT’s Adventure 100. 

"Explorer 100" Facebook Group

Access to the exclusive JT’s Explorer 100 Facebook group (where I spend the majority of my Facebook time). 

There, I’ll answer your specific questions about preparing Body, Brain, Behavior, and Belongings for the next bucket list adventure you are considering with True Purpose Adventures.

Zoom Trainings and Q&A

At least monthly Zoom calls, where I’ll share my latest research on each of the planned True Purpose Adventure destinations, as well as answer your personal preparation questions live.  

Sometimes, I’ll know the answer on the spot. Sometimes, I’ll research the answer and get back to you.

Summarized Debriefs

As members of JT's Adventure 100 enjoy and experience True Purpose Adventures, I'll write summarized debriefs for each of the journeys I guide, so that you can thoughtfully consider the lessons others have learned along the way.

Learning from the experience of others is a shortcut to wisdom.

Here are my predictions for you, if you qualify.  Consider this...

You are surrounding yourself with growth-focused, adventurous people who want to make the world a better place.

Because of that...

  • Lifetime friendships will be formed.
  • People will go on multiple True Purpose Adventures and start requesting to be… Together.
  • NEW True Purpose Adventure destinations will be recommended, researched, and then travelled.  Together.
  • Adventurers will encourage and support each other towards better Health, so they can do more.  Together.
  • Adventurers will deepen relationships and earn greater Admiration from spouses, family, friends, and business.
  • Lessons from preparation, travel, conversation, and debriefs will lead to a deeper, more refined sense of Purpose.
  • Business deals will be created, and changes in life perspective will create business structures that increase Profit.
  • Ultimately, the world will feel the Impact of your Transformation, your Travel, and your joyful version of “Tacos”.

I’m excited for you.  For US.

Because - over time - together, we are going to learn each other's hopes, dreams, and aspirations… and then we get to experience the joy of thinking about how to help each other achieve those things.

To see if you qualify for a Zoom call to discuss this further, click the button below.

IF we move forward together, here are a few specific details...

Here are a few quick additional reminders and specific “terms” of JT’s Adventure 100.


You will have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you change your mind, just let me know within 30 days, and I’ll issue a full refund. No worries. No hard feelings.

Think about it: I’m creating a community of incredible, growth-focused people who I’ll be guiding and leading on bucket list adventures in developing countries. I want you to WANT to be there!


Purely for logistical reasons in a developing country, and so that the experience has its intended transformative effect (elevated HAPPIness), I must limit the number of people I take on each True Purpose Adventure.

When a trip is announced, commit EARLY. If demand increases, and when I can, I’ll do my best to schedule a repeat trip to that destination.


Each trip will have its own set of important details to consider. Of course, I’m always there to explain and answer questions once a trip is announced, but be sure you understand everything that is included or excluded.

For example, you always purchase your own transportation to and from the city and country in which we start an adventure. Check the details of each trip.


Finally, the tough one: I am fiercely protective of the adventurers in JT’s Adventure 100. Safety, growth, and exposure to contrast that may elevate perspectives are paramount to our journey, whether we are on a trip together, in a Facebook group, on a Zoom call, or interacting in any way.

People are unique. Cultures are different. I value and deeply respect those differences. The contrast is life-changing. I reserve the right to remove anyone from the community who creates risk, operates unsafely, or acts disrespectfully.  Even if we're on the side of a mountain.

This isn't for most people... but it is for people who seek growth, understand the power of contrast-seeking adventure travel, and respect the value of community.

And if you're on this page, I'm inviting you to apply.

If you qualify, here's everything you'll get when you sign up

Transform for Adventure

Full "lifetime" access to JT's Adventurous Million (under final development), so you can prepare your BODY for a lifetime of bucket list travel.

Transform for Travel

Full "lifetime" access (in development), so you can prepare your BRAIN, BEHAVIOR, and BELONGINGS for any or all of our True Purpose Adventures.

Zoom Gatherings

At least monthly Zoom calls, where we’ll discuss trips and preparation for life adventure, so that you can get your specific questions and concerns answered.

Expedition Research

All the research I do for each of the trips (even the ones you don’t go on), so that you can learn what factors  are important to consider for your personal adventures.

Exclusive Facebook Communities

Separate Facebook group for JT’s Adventure 100, Adventurous Million, and Get Fit for Travel (hang out in any or all of them).

Growth-focused Adventurers

Surround yourself with growth-focused, HAPPIness- driven people who want to LIVE life and make a true impact on the people of the world.

Return on Investment

ALL your investment goes towards an exclusive True Purpose Adventure designed to expose you to life lessons that 10x the financial and personal growth value.

Expedition Debriefs

After each journey, I'll write a debrief about the country, the itinerary, and the logistics.  Most importantly, I'll share the lessons learned by your fellow Adventurers.

100% money-back guarantee

If you change your mind, just let me know within 30 days, and I’ll issue a full refund.  No worries.  No hard feelings. After 30 days?  Talk to me.  I want you to LOVE this.

Join me. Become one of the exclusive Adventurers in JT’s Explorer 100.

Click the button below, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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