Congratulations on joining me for a full year of coaching on Transformation, Travel, and Tacos... AND a True Purpose Adventure in 2023 or 2024!

Content delivery for Transformation, Travel, and Tacos starts either July 27 or August 3rd (more likely)!
  • Pick a trip between now and the end of 2024. You might be 99% certain on a trip for 2023.  That's awesome. I'm just making sure you understand that you have some open space.  Life happens.
  • Starting either July 27 or August 3rd, I'll start delivering content on a near-weekly basis on Wednesdays (day is subject to change), until everything I've got for Transformation, Travel, and Tacos has been delivered.
  • You'll have access to the replays of this content AND all the updates for the content I create between now and the end of 2025. In other words, as I learn more, get more feedback, and refine the process further and further, I'll update the content. And you get access to it.
  • Important note:  even after 2025, you'll still have access to the 2025 version of the content. I'm just no longer promising *updates* after that.
  • You'll have access to the JT's Adventure 100 FB Group through the end of 2025, so in addition to your year of coaching and your trip, you can keep hanging out with ridiculously awesome people!
  • In addition to the Wednesday content, you'll get every other week group coaching via Friday Zoom.  Of course, if you're the only one there on a Friday Zoom, you're now getting private coaching!  This will be a time to ask any questions you've got about the program or the adventure you've chosen. You have ONE year of access to this Friday Zoom coaching, which should start on August 5th.
  • ^^^ The note above is an important distinction. ^^^  You have multi-year access to the content and Facebook group, but only 1 year of Zoom coaching.  Hopefully, that is understandable.
  • Prior to your selected trip, there will be trip-only Zooms for the Adventurers on that specific trip (even if it is past your year of Coaching)