One of My Top Tricks to Easily Save Thousands on Your Adventures.

I'll make this simple:
Columbia is having a sale.

JT Columbia OmniHeat Interchange

Why spend thousands more on "names"?

Look: obviously this decision will always be up to you. I just know that I'd rather have a few thousand more dollars in MY pocket, which I could use to book another plane ticket... and go on another adventure! 

I've used Columbia for YEARS.

I bought my first Columbia heavy jacket to go see Mount Everest in Nepal... and kept that jacket for over a decade.  In fact, I used it to summit Kilimanjaro in 2021 (11 years after I bought it)!

Their Omni-Tech™ and Omni-Heat materials are world class.

I bought my first Omni-Heat Interchange this year after one of my Kilimanjaro adventurers LOVED hers on our 2022 summit. I've done 15K+ meters in a single day with temps in the teens... and had ZERO issues with cold.

Without hesitation, I've saved over a thousand dollars.

There are some EXPENSIVE brands out there. Are they top quality? For sure. And, hey, good for them for their marketing genius.  But - WOW - I'd rather have that money in my bank account.

And I have yet to be unhappy with anything from Columbia, so... why spend more?

I loved them so much, I became an affiliate.

Whenever Columbia has a sale, I'll let you know about it by sending you to this page. Yes, I make a commission, and it doesn't cost you ANY extra. It's a win-win!

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