[Part 3 of 3:  the true meaning of Transformation, Travel, and Tacos™]

Travel:  the Problem with Being a Vacationer

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I’m about to share how “normal” travel actually causes problems with personal growth, your perspective on happiness, and even your ability to go on true life-changing adventures…

… and how unique, True Purpose Adventure travel does the exact opposite: more growth, elevated happiness, more adventures.

Carefully consider this: normal travel to normal, “first”-world tourist destinations are, candidly… more of the same.

Yes, there’s no question you’ll see beautiful scenery, new architecture, and perhaps even a new culture. Hopefully, you’ll experience new food.

But, really, it’s just more of what you’re accustomed to (just in a different place).

Another truth: normal travel to normal tourist destinations is often crazy expensive

Expensive enough that some might have to limit the number of trips they can take, or even worse - decide whether you’re going to go at all. Sadly, people who haven’t experienced travel to developing countries simply believe that travel is supposed to be expensive.

The opposite is true: travel to developing countries is insanely cheap. And the “new experience” to value ratio is uncharted.

But here is the deepest problem with being a vacationer… the one that actually causes harm.

Ultimately, for a vacationer: there’s hardly any contrast. There’s no exposure. There’s no genuine authenticity. Strangely stated - for a vacationer, there’s no internal conflict between what you already know and… anything you experience.

Let that previous paragraph sink in.

For “normal” travel, on a scale of 1-10 for experiencing life-changing perspectives that cause growth and a refined - or even elevated - meaning of happiness: you’ll be lucky to reach a 3 or 4.

Adventure Travel in a unique, developing country, though… the exact opposite. Especially when you’re purposefully seeking a 10.

The Advantages of Becoming an Adventurer

The probability of ruggedness, instead of luxury. Sights and sites that leave you contemplating your place in time and humanity. Foods you never even thought to consider. Massive differences in living spaces, means of production and survival, and lifestyle.

In short: radical contrast, surprising exposure, ultimate authenticity, and challenges to internal perspectives, day after day.

(And it cost a LOT less money.)

Let’s start to tie together the big picture view of “Transformation, Travel, and Tacos”.

First, “Tacos”.  It is imperative that you know what brings you joy. 

Then, “Transformation”... because all transformation is about creating more joy.

Here’s what’s sad: that’s the end of the story for 99% of people.

Why?  Because --> their entire life is based on their original definition of “Tacos”.

Why?  Because --> most people never Travel and expose themselves to radical contrast, which is the only way to positively and intentionally REDEFINE and ELEVATE your definition of “Tacos”... your definition of JOY.

The solution?  “True Purpose” Adventure travel to unique, developing countries purposefully seeks new experiences, new ideas, new concepts, new perspectives, new cultures, shocking contrasts, and radical authenticity.

Purposefully adventurous travel to developing countries isn’t just the fastest way to intentionally elevate your personal growth, definition of joy, and internally-defined structure of HAPPIness…

...it's the best way. The safest way. For some - the ONLY way to...

Create a Constant Vortex of Elevating HAPPIness

Tacos begin the process.  You discover your Joy.

Then comes Transformation, where you change your story and do the work to become something and someone new.

Finally, you Travel with True Purpose and seek adventurous Contrast.  Because that is the only way to continually refine and redefine your... Tacos.

(Which starts the cycle again, because you've discovered new Tacos -- new Joy.)

And every time you go through the cycle, you elevate my acronym for...

Health  ●  Admiration  ●  Purpose  ●  Profit  ●  Impact  →  HAPPIness™

Prepare Now. Become a Life Adventurer.

I believe time is valuable. That every moment provides the opportunity for a decision. Including right now.

Here is your current, in-the-moment, right now as you are reading this opportunity...

...decide to become an Adventurer. At the very least, consider it.

And if you make that decision, or you want even more perspective, I’ve written a 6-page guide to help you either get started or discover more.

It’s called “Prepare Body, Brain, Behavior, and Belongings for Growth-Focused Adventure Travel”.

Because preparing the Body and Belongings is what most people automatically think about… but those are only the beginning. Preparing the Brain and Behavior are just as (if not even more) important.

My FREE guide gives you the top techniques I teach in all 4 areas

Before you enter your email below, I do want to both thank you for reading this far… and congratulate you. Because only a select few decide to no longer be a Vacationer.

Become the one Adventurer out of the thousand, who dares to dig deep inside

Get prepared.

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