Application for JT’s Adventure 100 Exclusive Travel Community

To be considered for a trip with JT Nelms and to be included in JT’s Adventure 100 exclusive, growth-driven travel community, please completely and honestly answer the questions below.


What is your view of the World and the People in it?

(Whether you are a seasoned international traveler or have never been out of the country – your travel level does not matter. Only answer YOUR satisfaction level with YOUR current travel experience.)

(What kind of travel would you LOVE? What is your REASON why you think that specific travel that you would LOVE would be so fulfilling?)

(Be honest with me… but WAY more importantly –> be honest with yourself!)

(Be specific… and feel free to share a story!)

(I am VERY protective of my group. Not everyone who applies receives an invitation. Why should I invite YOU?)
Are you ready to commit to becoming an "Adventurer", instead of a "Vacationer"?(Required)

Are you ready to let go of the excuses holding you back and go ALL in on investing in deep personal growth through adventure travel?(Required)

What is the highest altitude you've comfortably been for longer than 4 hours?(Required)

Once a specific True Purpose Adventure is announced, it will typically have a maximum of ~16 people, require a $2000 deposit to reserve your spot, and might have you away from home for 12-16 days. –> With these things in mind, are you able to join me and other growth-focused adventurers on a deeply transformative True Purpose Adventure?<–(Required)

CURRENTLY, I will be taking 14-16 people with me to attempt to successfully reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in late February of 2023. The investment will be approximately $5997 before airfare, and your time away from home will be 12-14 days. You must be able to pay a $2000 refundable deposit to reserve your space. –> Are you able to join me and other growth-focused adventurers on this exclusive, fully immersive, life-changing event?(Required)